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Bienno, with approximately 15 years of industry experience, is an international trade company that is a pioneer in its' sector; and purely focuses on customer satisfaction. With its' young and dynamic staff, it offers most suitable solutions for its customers' purchasing and logistics needs. Bienno generates its' business strategies with a win-win oriented approach and always aims to provide excellent service to its' customers.




We offer high quality and good design plastic, metal and glass bathroom products that all bathrooms would need for beautiful houses.

           Plastic Bathroom Products


Glass Kitchen Products

We bring the elegance of glass to your home; plain, patterned and embroidered glassware and glassware storage products.

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In the lighting group, we have a rich product range from desktop lamps to ceiling chandeliers; We produce smart solutions for your needs.

We offer a wide range of cleaning products; from liquid soaps to detergents, from cleaning sponges to cleaning cloths, we provide solutions that offer both hygiene and cosmetic appearance.


    Plastic Cleaning Products

Plastic products for cleaning are indispensable for our lives, we offer our rich assortment produced with the latest technology and practical systems. 


  Cooking Products

Cooking products, being essential part of our lives, are indispensable for our kitchens; We offer granite, ceramic and stainless steel pots and pans with a large range.


In the electrical household appliances sector in Turkey, practical and small appliances are playing a key role. We have a large range in small appliances; also we are offering products such as refrigerators and ovens.

         Plastic Kitchen Products

We offer colorful, beautiful, and practical plastic products with great designs. They are not only beautifying your kitchens but also adding practicality to your houses.

         Electrical Household Items



When it comes to carpets, one of the first countries that comes to mind is Turkey. We offer a rich product portfolio from hand-embroidered carpets to machine-made carpets; from bath mats to digital carpets.


From Bursa and Hatay, the capitals of furniture; We offer classical, modern and kids room furniture; with different quality, model and color options according to your needs.



Turkey's rich textile sector is blooming everyday; we focus on adult and children's underwear and pajamas in different sizes, patterns and colors. 



In the cosmetics industry, we offer natural cosmetics, colored cosmetics, perfumes and room fragrances with a large variety.





Now you have a warehouse in Istanbul! We collect the products you have chosen on your behalf and make sure that the products are in accordance with the quantity, colors, number of boxes and labeling that you have ordered. Also, we make sure that the products are of the desired quality and they are not broken or damaged. We palletize the products and store them in the part of our warehouse reserved for you. When it's time to load, we load your products with our experienced loading team in a way that will not be damaged and use the space in the container / truck in the most efficient way. Then, we complete the export through Turkish customs; and send you the invoice, packing list, bill of lading and certificate of origin for you to complete the import process.


     Loading Organization

With the changing market conditions every day, the supply methods have also changed. Increasing product diversity in most markets has begun to strengthen the hand of the seller. At this point, Bienno is ready to serve you in the best possible way.  We collect the products you need from different factories for you without minimum purchase quantities in a container or truck in order to prevent you from holding unnecessary stocks and to reach your customers with more variety. 




                   For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please                               call: +90 212 446 17 17 or  fill out the following form 

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Head Office

Ağaoğlu 212 My Office Mahmutbey Taşocağı Yolu Floor:19 Office:313 Istanbul Turkey

Tel: +90 212 446 1717


To apply for a job with bienno please send a cover letter together with your CV to:

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